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It has been put forward that creative organisations possess different intellectual and character traits compared to lesser innovative and archaic industry counterparts.

Southwood Primary SchoolJerram Falkus are unique in that we embrace creativity with an openness and flexibility necessary to facilitate innovation which is critical in the current construction marketplace.

Whether it’s the application of innovation in a building process or innovation in terms of value engineering and cost efficiencies we are at the forefront of idea generation and implementation.

Our creativity and ability to innovative is founded on a wide interest in the built environment its processes and its new and emerging methods of problem identification, resolution and building design. 

We are at the forefront of modern methods of construction and are one of the most active contracting companies deploying CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) across education, residential, and commercial projects.

Stanley Primary School

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels are engineered from mechanically dried spruce boards which are glue bonded together under high pressure.

By bonding together each layer at 90° to each other this process produces rigid structural floor, wall and roof panels up to 18m in length and 2950mm in width.  Panel thickness can be tailored to suit structural loading requirements.

Use of two or three storey buildings in CLT allows more efficient use of available space, especially on inner city or restricted school sites. Off-site fabrication of CLT panels and other key enveloping components reduces health & safety risks on site and ensures precision assembly, saving time and cost.

We would welcome the opportunity to listen to your new build construction or expansion requirements, and to give you a no-cost feasibility which if then instructed we would take through planning, design and construction.


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