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This multi-award winning redevelopment of the eastern end of the Thames View Estate in Barking provides 276 high quality affordable homes, which are 100% affordable rent.
This project involved the construction of five apartment blocks along the eastern boundary, each four storeys high. Town Houses are grouped in terraces and courtyard clusters across the remainder of the site and are three storeys.
This scheme was made possible by an entirely new method of funding. This is a secure, asset-based model whereby investors fund new homes for council tenants on local authority owned land. Once the rental income has paid off the development costs and the investors’ margin, the ownership of the housing reverts to the Local Authority.
Jerram Falkus worked with the developer, Local Authority and investor to deliver a high quality design and product that was a challenging balancing act of delivering to a tight budget, but also to a 60+ year design life.
The homes reached Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and an energy centre provides district heating for the whole development. EETV won several awards for both the financing and the design, including Housing Innovation Award 2015.
East End Thames View, Barking

Bastable Avenue, Barking

Thames Partnership for Learning Regeneration Ltd 

Pollard Thomas Edwards

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