Responsibility - Supply Chain

Our approach to Supply Chains

Jerram Falkus have an approved quality management system in place setting out our standard procedures for the selection and appointment of subcontractors and suppliers.

We have worked hard over the past four years to re-establish our data base of supply chain members and have carefully vetted those applying to work for us to ensure that they can mirror our stringent requirements and standards for quality.

We have established a number of ongoing partnered relationships with our preferred supply chains, offering them continuity of employment or set volumes of work over given terms. This allows them to deliver excellent levels of service at very economical rates and prices.

Once we have established a subcontractor’s commitment to quality, programme, service provision, resource levels, equal opportunities and local labour/training, we are then able to consider their cost competitiveness.

Prior to signing any member up to our formal supply chain for any programme, we will hold pre-selection interviews. The purpose of this will be to ascertain that they really have made a commitment to partnering, and can demonstrate their ability to comply with qualitative issues such as resourcing, health and safety, training and equal opportunities.

We may, at this point, take up references and visit some of their recent projects. We would invite the Client Team to join us in interviewing prospective supply chain members and visiting their sites, as we wish to encourage inclusion and involvement.

It will be the responsibility of the Project Surveyors to place individual subcontract orders. Our Chief Buyer will place supplier/materials orders. Our Plant Manager will place plant orders.

All of the foregoing personnel have been trained in Supply Chain Management and our Plant & Materials Buyers have now put in place Partnered Procedures with selected supply chain members, with open arrangements or term contracts with pre-agreed rates and prices.

Traditionally, the Construction Industry has procured work on a project by project basis, with little Attention being given to continuous improvement, developing skills, techniques or procedures, investment in technology or driving down cost.

With a guaranteed supply of work offered to principal supply chain members, we are able to request and deliver ongoing improvements in output, quality, training opportunities etc.

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