Responsibility - Community Engagement

Our approach to Community Engagement

Jerram Falkus have been trading for 130 years and have very strong ties with the communities in which we work. As a family owned and managed business, the company has always prided itself on providing opportunities for local individuals and companies, who in turn help the local economy to prosper.

Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd and our associated Group Companies have made a formal commitment to provide 20% of the labour used on our projects from local labour (defined as individuals who live in the borough).

This is achieved through our own directly employed managers and operatives, and those of our subcontractors. Information regarding all individual's place of residence is recorded on site and passed up to our Head Office for monitoring.

At our Head Office on an annual basis, and on larger projects (£2 million and above), we seek to provide training opportunities through the following means:
  • Provision of Apprenticeship placements (direct or through subcontractors)
  • Provision of Work Experience Placements (direct or through subcontractors) - possibly via our Head Office as well as on site.
  • Provision of Day Release placements (direct or through subcontractors) – we work in conjunction with Barking College and Hackney
    College to offer career opportunities to students on Ordinary and Higher National Certificates.
  • Provision of "Industry Year" (year-out) placements to under graduates from local Colleges and Universities including Anglia Ruskin & University of  Westminster - Head Office and Site/Contracts Management
  • Provision of post-graduate training placements - Head Office and Site/Contracts Management
  • Community event sponsorship and support

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